The site ihpucks.com deals with the sale and printing of hockey pucks. The company FORDIS is a premium partner of company VEGUM a.s. which was founded in 1952 and is the biggest producer of hockey pucks.
Pucks from Vegum are used by many well-known hockey clubs including the NHL. Pucks are made from vulcanized rubber and puck properties such as hardness, weight, thickness, rebound elasticity, flatness, diameter etc. meet IIHF standarts and the most strictest requirements of the Canadian-American hockey league.
Pucks have official measurements 75 x 25 mm with weight 165 grams.

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We will prepare you a 3D graphic design- a visualization that can make your decision and make the right choice very easy.

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The puck's properties meet IIHF standards and the strictest NHL requirements.

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Individual and welcoming approach to each customer.

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